Audio 2 Sep

One of my favorite FNM songs, covered the guitar in GarageBand. Very rough at the moment.

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Audio 4 Apr

This is my first attempt at making a composition in GarageBand. I bought a decent FireWire input with which I can plug in my Les Paul. Sure, it’s the same riff pretty much over and over, but it was all me and pretty fun to make. I threw in some samples of HAL 9000 from 2001. You’ll be missed, Arthur C. Clarke.

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Photo 3 Feb This is all that needs to be said about the Pats loss in the Super Bowl.

This is all that needs to be said about the Pats loss in the Super Bowl.

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Text 7 Jan An open letter to Dunkin Donuts

For the love of Christ, for once PLEASE MAKE SURE THE COVER TO MY COFFEE IS ACTUALLY ON BEFORE YOU HAND IT TO ME. “DD Tan” just doesn’t match my ensemble.

Text 4 Jan LOLCODE?

Oh hai-

I had no idea that this existed. An esoteric programming language based entirely on the language of LOLCATS:

    O NOES

Awesome. More info.

Text 3 Jan 7HP Redux

Seven Hill Psychos is doing a(nother) reunion show in March. Is this the ten year anniversary?

 Info here.

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Video 2 Jan

Bill Coomey, Hair Farmer.

Text 2 Jan Happy New Year

To everybody. Let’s hope that 2008 is a lot better than 2007 was.

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This is my Tumblr. I’m just trying to figure it out.

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